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It is amazing that in this day and age of changing immigration laws and enforcement priorities, some immigrants still rely on nonlawyers, family, and friends for immigration advice; and, by so doing they place their family hopes, dreams, and way of life in the wrong hands. Would you really have a layperson operate on you? You may if do not care about your life.

Although they profess to care about their lives, the five (5) Caribbean nationals who came to my law office over the past two weeks seeking proper representation over the hurt they are currently in, are the latest victims of the wrong immigration help. This is a recurring theme in these United States. Each individual had his adjustment handled by nonlawyers (accountant, tax preparer, consultant, document preparation firm, paralegal) that they were not sure about but were inexpensive.

Each of their adjustment filings was eventually denied after tough interviews for which they were unprepared and unrepresented. Each one is now in removal/Deportation for various fraudulent acts, and they all have stated that they were unaware of the errors or lies in their applications. Two forget that they had stated in their visa applications that they were married and had children. The nonlawyers who prepared the filings are being investigated for practicing law without a license and for other crimes. These individuals should have sought competent legal counsel and were better off not filing when they did than filing fraudulent applications.


You should run from anyone who says to you that he/she can get you a Visa, U.S. passport, birth certificate, driver's license, or other immigration documents. You will be caught and you may be prosecuted and/or deported. Anyone who says he/she will perform your marriage ceremony and file your paperwork is clearly not on the up and up. Stay away, you will have problems.

Anyone who says that he/she cannot come to the immigration interview or gives excuses why he or she cannot come lookout. If the person or a runner meets you in the USCIS parking lot and cannot come in, watch out. It is like the classic sucker line espoused by fraudsters, "I use to work for immigration," or "I work with a lawyer." Who believes these lines today. Even so, so what if the person used to work for immigration, or worked for a lawyer, does it make you eligible to adjust or that immigration law will be overlooked. Does it mean the person knows anything about immigration law or can effectively represent you? It is sad but try, "you pay for what you get."


I understand the enticement to fall for scams, but you should not be that gullible. My twenty-five years of practicing immigration law have provided me with perspective--I have helped many legalize their status and assisted them in bringing their family to the U.S. I have also seen folks turn their backs on their family. I have seen painful separation from love ones-mother, father, wife, husband, children. I have also shared in the joys and sorrows of many clients. I have prevailed in many cases for clients that have committed horrible acts, and have begged and pleaded with immigration officials and judges for many clients.

I understand the economic hardship that drives many to seek a better life. Thus, I hate the exploitation of anyone, especially of those that can ill afford the loss. So, I am firmly behind DHS, along with the American Immigration Lawyers Association of which I am a member, ongoing campaign to help immigrants understand that "the Wrong Immigration help can Hurt." You may have seen the slogan at USCIS centers and consular posts. You have the power, select the right help, anonymously report nonlawyers practicing immigration law.


Good immigration help is the key if you want to avoid denial of your applications or secure relief in immigration court. Experienced, Ethical, Licensed, and Trusted, I am here when you need me. I handle immigration cases throughout the U.S. and at all U.S. Embassies and Consulates. Harvard educated with over 25 years experience in immigration law and selected a Top 100 immigration attorney in the U.S. You can schedule a telephone or in-office consultation. I handle immigration matters throughout the U.S.

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